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Johanna Földesi was born in 1986 in Gyula, Hungary. Growing up in Dévaványa, she already started taking music lessons as a kid. In 2003 she began her studies in solo singing at the Béla Bartók Music School in Békéscsaba in the class of Erzsébet Feichter. In 2005 after graduating from high school, she continued to take private lessons in Budapest with Zsolt Oláh and in 2006 she was admitted to the Baptist Theological Academy  where she was chapel master, studying conducting. During the following years she actively served the baptist communities in her county as a musician. 

In 2008 she continued her studies in the Netherlands at the Fontys Conservatoire in Tilburg, studying early music in the singing classes of Ildikó Hajnal and Peggy Hegeman. The latter also introduced Johanna to the world of musical theatre. She obtained her master degree in 2014. During these years, at the masterclasses of Kinga Cserjési and Heent Prins, she became acquainted with the Libero Canto Approach. This method of the Hungarian voice pedagogue Lajos Szamosi had a great influence on her, and ever since she has included its explored techniques into her professional singing and t eaching. She participated twice at the Sastamala Gregoriana masterclass in Finland, along with other masterclasses of Ian Honeyman, Johannette Zomer, Evelyn Tubb and Anna Azéma. 

Already during her studies, she performed regularly as a soloist. In 2012 she founded the early music ensemble Scherzi Musici, which still performs in the Netherlands. Besides taking into account the thorough historical background of their repertoire, the ensemble is especially willing to entertain. In 2015 she founded Bartók Rózsái Énekegyüttes with Veronika Juhász, Kinga Cserjési and Dóra Sereginé Németh, whom she met during her studies in The Netherlands. Recently, in 2016 she started a new ensemble, NoWoC, with the Estonian flute player, Liis Lulla and the Israeli recorder player, Galit Zadok.

Johanna is also active as a choir conductor in the Netherlands.  She doesn’t restrict herself to the performing of early music, but enjoys exploring and singing a variety of styles. She especially appreciates challenging pieces and works written on special texts.

Singing lessons

If you would like to discover how your voice sounds without any manipulation and/or unnecessary physical tension, I invite you for this exciting journey and we may discover your true voice together! In my point of view singing lessons (just like singing) are basically nothing more than breathing out and enjoying singing. For the joy of singing has never been a privilage of the professionals.

Practical information

First of all, an introduction lesson is 30 min long, and free! I charge €40 for a singing lesson of 60 min.

Languages of instruction: English, Dutch, and Hungarian.

Special rule for cancelling your lesson

If you cannot come for your singing lesson, I would like to ask you to let me know 24 hours before your lesson. So if you have lesson for example on 27 February at 15:00 o'clock, you have to let me know in e-mail or in sms, or by calling me on 26 February before 15:00 o'clock. If you miss this deadline, you still have to pay for the lesson.

There are of course emergency cancellations, for example the death of a family member, but your grandma cannot possibly die twice a month.

To be fair though, I also have this deadline towards you, and in case I have to cancel your lesson less than 24 hours before your lesson, you get the cancelled therefore rescheduled lesson for free from me.


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